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You wrote a book, Wonderful!  We want to read it. 

By submitting your work to Vinvatar Publishing for publication, you warrant and represent that the work is complete, and you the Author hold all legal rights to the work.

Vinvatar Publishing will accept a wide range of literature.  We have published mostly Adult Romance.  However, Vinvatar has also published Action/Adventure, Young Adult and we are expanding into Children’s Literature.

The work cannot violate any privacy rights or personal rights of any entity or persons.  This includes but is not limited to private email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information.  The Author can not disclose any information given to you with the understanding that it would not be disclosed or published.

Work that has been previously published will be considered as long as the Author holds the rights to the Work.  Proof of rights may be asked for.

Work must be submitted in English.  The file should be submitted as a doc file format.  If you do not have a doc file format, please contact office@vinvatar.com.  If your submission is accepted and a contract is offered, there may be additional charges to convert files.  You will be made aware of any charges before the submission is accepted.

If the Author is under the age of 18, they must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.  A phone discussion with the legal adult will also be necessary.  Further information may be needed.

Material we will not accept:

  1. Plagiarized or pirated material will not be accepted.
  2. Work that infringes on copyrights, trademarks, or any other proprietary rights will not be accepted.
  3. Work violating State or Federal Laws will not be accepted.
  4. Work containing hyperlinks to marketing or affiliate pages will not be accepted.
  5. Work containing advertisements for service or products will not be Advertisements used fictitiously will be subject to review.
  6. Work prompting a purchase outside of the Work will not be accepted.
  7. Work that is considered Public Domain will not be accepted.
  8. Work containing underage erotica or situations (children under the age of 18) in any form for the purposes of sexual titillation or sexual gratification will not be
  9. Work containing rape for titillation for sexual gratification will not be accepted.
  10. Work containing scat erotica for titillation for sexual gratification will not be accepted.
  11. Work containing snuff for titillation for sexual gratification will not be accepted.
  12. Work containing necrophilia for titillation for sexual gratification will not be accepted.
  13. Work containing bestiality for titillation for sexual gratification will not be accepted.

Work containing incest or pseudo-incest will be subject to review.

Work containing “Barely legal” sexual situations will be subject to review.

Work that is discriminatory, racist, hateful, condoning or advocating violence against others or illegal activity, images or illustrations with individual(s) causing violence to other individual(s) will be subject to review no matter the content or context.


To submit a manuscript please Register.  Once registered login to the backend.  From there you will be allowed to submit your file, fill in the submission form, review the contract, and look over the legal documents.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact office@vinvatar.com