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Privacy Policy Vinvatar Publishing

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Vinvatar Publishing has strict privacy policies to protect the privacy of Vinvatar Publishing Authors and Customers. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We strive to make your experience safe and secure.  Our entire website uses SSL Encryption (HTTPS) for safer web experience.


Information Collected on this Site:

We use Google Analytics to collect limited information from our customers.  This information helps us optimize the site.  We also use this information to make automated book recommendations. All information provided is for the use of Vinvatar Publishing only.  Personal information provided by the User including Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address will be submitted voluntarily and stored on a secure server with limited employee access.  Authors will fill out w-9 tax forms and contracts from within their portal page.  That information is stored with Adobe EchoSign. Vinvatar Publishing uses a third party Stripe for all Credit Card or PayPal purchases.  We do not have access to credit card or account information.  Please review Stripes https://stripe.com/us/privacy and PayPal’s Policies https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full for more information.  We receive only the information shown on your receipts.  We use Adobe Echo Sign for all of our legal documents, to view the Adobe Echo Sign Terms and Conditions please use the following link: www.adobe.com/legal/term.html


Vinvatar Publishing Member Activity:

Customers are allowed access to all public areas of the site. To help personalize your use of the site we use cookies.  This will allow you to automatically log in to the site, if you do not want to automatically log back in simply click on the logout option. You must register to purchase products from our Site(s).  Members can purchase books, read samples of the books, and join our newsletter. Registration requires a valid email address.  Receipts, updates and any customer service contact you have will be through your provided email address. You will be required to create a unique Vinvatar Publishing password. You must be 18 years or older to use this site.  This site contains Adult content.  We will track purchases to assist in helping you select other titles.

Vinvatar Publishing Email Policy:

Members will receive occasional emails from Vinvatar Publishing regarding new releases, updates, or any other important information.  After you purchase a product, we will send you an automatic email receipt. Vinvatar Publishing does not allow third parties to send emails to its members. Member email addresses are never sold or rented by Vinvatar Publishing. See the Vinvatar Publishing https://www.vinvatar.com/terms for more information.  Vinvatar Publishing also uses Mail Chimp to send out mass mailings.  All emails have an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email to allow you to unsubscribe from any email sent.  Mail Chimp does maintain a database for these purposes please review their Privacy Policy located http://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/.

Advertising on the Vinvatar Publishing Site:

Vinvatar Publishing does not run outside advertisements on the Site at this time. If we choose to run ads in the future, we will try to make them tasteful, informative and targeted to your interests.


Children’s Guidelines:

Vinvatar Publishing Store or Site is not marketed to children. Vinvatar Publishing mostly publishes books that contain adult content and situations not recommended or appropriate for children. We do not advertise or promote our Young Adult books from this site.  To help prevent children from accessing our Adult books we ask a member’s age at registration. Users under age 18 are blocked from purchasing books on this site. Each title has multiple tags and the words “Adult Content” in the books disruption if it is not suitable for children.  In the future we may add a separate store for Young Adult and Children’s literature.



Vinvatar Publishing will provide the opportunity to opt-out of receiving email communications from Vinvatar Publishing. Google does have options you can add to your web browser to opt out of cookie and analytics tracking.  Please review more information at this location https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=en.



Users and Authors have the option to change or modify their information in the profile page once logged in.



The Site(s) contains links to other sites.  Vinvatar Publishing is not responsible for the Content or Privacy Rights or Terms of Use on other sites.


Contests and Surveys:

Participation in any contests or surveys is voluntary on Vinvatar Publishing’s site.  The personal information required will be limited and for Vinvatar publishing use only.


Contacting Vinvatar Publishing

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us:

Vinvatar Publishing
P.O. Box 33
Lawrence MI, 49064

This Policy may change at any time without notification.  Please check often for revisions.