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Here at Vinvatar Publishing we are working hard to assist authors that wish to have the technical drama taken out of being an author.  Today there are so many obstacles that need to be handled when publishing electronically online.  Most of the Authors we are working with want the process of publishing simplified.  We remove the frustration and time consuming steps involved in publishing and selling your work period.  Our goal is to assist the author with all the details of getting their work published from start to paycheck.howwe2

Services we are offering to our authors:

  • Cover Art (If you have your own artwork that is fine.  If not let us help you out.)
  • Digital File Designs (Kindle, EPub, ect)
  • Audio Books are almost active check back soon!
  • Editing (We always suggest having a book edited for grammar and spelling issues.  We want to make sure your book reads well and sells Great!)
  • Promotional Deals 
  • Book Signing Opportunities 
  • Advertisements and website links to (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, ect)
  • Website Design for Authors (We work closely with a web development company and have great contacts for assistance if needed.)
  • Author Copyright Assistance (If you need assistance getting your work copyrighted let us know we can help.)

Addressing the Copyright Assistance service we will assist you in copyrighting your own work in your name. We feel a simple contract between the author and the publisher is just fine.  We can also copyright work for the author in our name for the purpose of anonymity if the author wishes us to do so.

Even though Vinvatar Publishing offers so many services we still try and stay competitive with commissions.  As of 03/2016 we use a 50/50 structure.  We retain 50%, and you get 50% of the Net Income.  This is all outlined in our contract.  We hope this balance will hold well.  Many other companies are between 25 – 45% profit to authors after costs, but we feel at this time we can make the 50/50 work.  Authors are asked to stick with us for at least 2 years per book submission as we strive to get you book sales. Please review our contract once logged into the author section for more information.

If all of this sounds good, you might be asking what happens next?  Well, it is simple.  First, you need to register with us.  There are a few ways to do this.  Give us a call on the phone, send us an email, or the simplest and really the best way is to register an account online HERE.  This account will give you access to all of your files and show your book sales each month.  This portal page will also contain a file management system for exchanging files.  Just like a personal cloud drive for your books and images.  This area will also be backed up regularly, so if anything happens on your end, or ours, we have the tools to recover.

We hope your experience with Vinvatar is rewarding.  If at any time you feel that the process is getting overwhelming, please let us know.  We will be more than happy to assist you.  There is more information on our FAQ page Here.  There is also a small About Us page that can give you a little background about who you are working with.

Thank you,
Vinvatar Publishing Staff