-Vixen (Pirates of the Galaxies 1)
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Vixen (Pirates of the Galaxies 1)
eBook: $2.99
Series: Pirates of the Galaxy, Book 1
Genres: Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Series, Syfy
Tags: Alpha Female, Fantasy, MF, Pirates, Romance
Publisher: Vinvatar Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B0772JF81J
ISBN: 9781635810448

It takes courage to survive and everything to forgive.

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About the Book

Lexy is a brilliant woman stranded on a dying planet. She is willing to do whatever it takes to save the people she loves.  Her plans are set and everything is running smoothly until Shane pops back into her life.  He is a distraction, a very pleasant one but still a distraction.

Shane has always loved Lexy. Running into her years after their separation feels like fate. When she gives him the chance to tag along on their journey of survival he sees it as an opportunity to rekindle their love.

Will Lexy allow Shane to get close again? Will Shane be able to get Lexy to believe drop her guard?

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