-Sanctuary Within The Breed (Lucifer’s Breed MC Book 1)
Sanctuary Within The Breed (Lucifer’s Breed MC Book 1) 2019-05-07T18:52:13-04:00
Sanctuary Within The Breed (Lucifer’s Breed MC Book 1)

They were a notorious biker club, not a damned day care for wayward younger brothers. Gunner and Baron decide to humor the pretty blonde with her snotty attitude, and find themselves more than a little intrigued. Warning: MFM, Adult Content

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About the Book

In book one of the Lucifer’s Breed MC: Amelia Selters works for everything she has in her life and soon finds herself in danger of losing it all when her brother shows up. She blames her misfortune on the president of the local chapter of the MC club, Lucifer’s Breed. Holding them responsible for her brother’s behavior, and ordering them to fix it. Baron and Gunner find it hilarious when the little snotty blonde shows up and demands for them to babysit her coffin bait brother.

However, the laughter stops when the circumstances for Amy turn dangerous, leaving them no other choice but to help. Can the MC group keep her safe? Or is Amy just a stepping stone for others to take the stronghold away from the Breed? Join in as men who skirt the lines of the law daily, show with the right incentive, the good in them can surface.

This book is a previously released title.

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