-Panther Protection (Hidden Pack 3)
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Panther Protection (Hidden Pack 3)
eBook: $2.99
Series: Hidden Pack, Book 3
Genres: Contemporary, Menage, Shifter
Tags: Alpha Male, Erotica, Fantasy, Magic, Menage, MFM, Paranormal, Romance, Shape-Shifting
Publisher: Vinvatar Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B0772V3N1X
ISBN: 9781635810455

Join the Hidden Pack as three lives unfold, either together, or with a pair walking into the sunset while one stands alone?

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About the Book

When magic was released and truths came out, Millie was left with an uneasiness, making her question everything—especially her own judgment. However, reality waits for no one and she is forced to go back to work. With her powers coming to the forefront, can she overcome her past, and finally look toward the future?

Axel and Gage discovered their mate and while one embraces it, the other fights it. The time has come for them to open up and confront their past, but will Millie understand why the pair are the way they are? Can the two adjust to the change in their lives or will they break the bond they have carried since birth over a woman?

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