-Highway to Heaven, Devil Savages 3
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Highway to Heaven, Devil Savages 3

Rerelease- Formerly published under the pen name, Harley McRide. The only person you can truly count on is yourself; at least that’s what Heaven has come to believe. She sure as hell doesn’t need a man, or two…

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About the Book

Heaven is done with men. She’s tired of their games, and right now, she has more important things to worry about. Not that that stops her from thinking about a certain badass, leather-clad, bossy, biker who seems to have taken an interest in her, or about the man who seemed to have thrown her away.

Raven doesn’t want an ol’ lady. He’s got his club, his ride, and plenty of women to warm his bed. But there’s something about the Savage spitfire that has him rethinking his future. He never expected to find a woman like Heaven, and he definitely never expected that he might have to share her.

Gage screwed up. He didn’t man up when he needed to, and now another man is moving in on his territory.

Their issues are going to have to be put on hold, though. The Diablos have one of their own, and when they go in to rescue her, they find something far more heinous than either MC ever imagined.

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