-Eyes on the Target (Heels for Hire, Inc)
Eyes on the Target (Heels for Hire, Inc) 2017-02-14T07:51:18+00:00
Eyes on the Target (Heels for Hire, Inc)
She might be known as an ice queen, but she’s still a warm-blooded female, and the two men she’s working with are hot enough to melt any frost.
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About the Book

Jess ‘Smokey Eyes’ Cooper is independent, self-sufficient, and an ex-boyfriend proclaimed ice queen. She loves her guns more than some people love their spouses, and she’s unapologetic about all of it. As a detective with Heels for Hire, Inc., she’s used to getting in and out of sticky situations; she never gets caught… until she does…

Preston and Liam are undercover FBI agents who aren’t getting anywhere with their current case. Verona, their ‘boss,’ is scum and they will do anything to put him away, including working with a PI who could potentially blow their cover. It’s just luck that she’s sexy, smart, competent, and skilled; she’s also going to be theirs, they just have to convince her of that.

However, before any of them can focus on a relationship, they first need to break up a dog-fighting ring, get evidence against Verona, figure out who’s trying to frame Jess for a homicide or two, and then save their woman from a madman that none of them ever suspected.

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