-Dutch (Lucifer’s Breed MC Book 4)
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Dutch (Lucifer’s Breed MC Book 4)
Series: Lucifer's Breed, Book 4
Genres: Action and Adventure, Biker Adventure, Biker Romance, Contemporary, Romance, Series
Tags: Alpha Male, Alpha Male Romance, MC Romance, MC Romantic Suspense, MF, Romance
Publisher: Vinvatar Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781945012969

Sometimes being a nice guy and doing the right thing turned around and kicked a man in the head. The weather was against him, and when Mother Nature gets mad at a man, she can get her point across without the help of a certain delusional blonde.

About the Book

Dutch had traveled to this backwater mud hole to take his friend home. He never dreamed that there would be a wild woman with jewel colored eyes waiting to be rescued and restored to her family.

A woman could be forgiven for wanting to see the arrogant bad boy brought to his knees. He was bossy and she would be happy to be dropped off as soon as they reached their destination. Why some smart woman hadn’t done him in by now was anyone’s guess.

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