-Burned By Abi, Devil Savages 2
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Burned By Abi, Devil Savages 2

Rerelease- Formerly published under the pen name, Harley McRide.

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About the Book

In book two of the Devil Savages MC: Abi Moon was raised by her brother, Sledge, after their parents passed away.  Sledge did his best with the help from the only family he had left—the Devil Savages.  He shipped her off to boarding schools and college, in the hope of keeping her from the hard MC life.  What he didn’t expect was while at college, she’d worked hard—just not on her studies.  She found a new major in mixed martial arts and devoted her time in the octagon instead of the classroom.  With a fierce attitude and the talent to back it up, she heads home to the one place her brother had worked so hard to keep her from.  Upon her arrival, Sledge quickly learns even good intentions can turn bad when she makes even the toughest and roughest of bikers feel like emotional teenage girls.

Yo Neg’s been nursing his pride since the night a woman used him for a one-night stand and walked away without looking back.  But imagine his surprise when that same evil vixen waltzes back into his life—and still wants nothing to do with him.

Tonka lives and breathes the MC life and never considered locking himself down with an ol’ lady.  He enjoys the love ‘em and leave ‘em relationships the rats and bitches are more than happy to provide.

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