-Big Dog (Burning Bastards MC Book 1)
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Big Dog (Burning Bastards MC Book 1)
Series: Burning Bastards, Book 1
Genres: Biker Romance, Series
Tags: Alpha Male, Alpha Male Romance, MC Romance, MC Romantic Suspense, Romance
Publisher: Vinvatar Publishing
ISBN: 9781945012006

Big dog isn’t the kind of man that takes excuses from anyone. You get the answers he wants, or you get problems with the big man. He wants the Oracle, whatever that is. Warning: MFM, MF, Adult Content

About the Book

In book one of the Burning Bastards MC: Big Dog, Hugh Dougherty, was out for payback. His only hope was to find the one thing to put an end to a rival club’s treachery. His future depended on something called the Oracle, and everyone around him was feeling his wrath.

Future had been betrayed by the Burning Bastards once, she wasn’t going to let it happen again. She built a life without them, but when they come looking for the Oracle, she was left without a choice. She confronts her past with the MC President by her side; however, is it enough to put her demons to rest were the club is concerned?

Ride along with the Burning Bastards MC as Big Dog struggles to obtain his Future and Future learns that personal demons can be put to rest with the right type of man.

This book is a previously released title.


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