-Bed of Roses, Devil Savages 1
Bed of Roses, Devil Savages 1 2018-03-09T15:14:33-05:00
Bed of Roses, Devil Savages 1

These bikers don’t want to fall in love and don’t know how to trust, but Rose makes them want to try. She’s everything that they’ve been looking for. Hopefully, they don’t screw it up…

Rerelease- Formerly published as, Harley McRide. Warning: MFM, Adult Content

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About the Book

In book one of the Devil Savages MC:

Rose Reynolds is living in hell.  Her mother, as much as she loves her, is worthless, leaving Rose to support and raise her younger siblings.  When bills come due, she is left with only one option—more work.  Rose goes to the men who own half the city—and carry the worst reputation.  Men who have filled her fantasies for years and are not only the owners of both places she currently works so happen to be founding members of the Devil Savages MC, a Native American club notorious for their rough reputation, and their wild wicked ways.

Can a broken relationship with a rival gang, be patched to combat against a common problem?  And will two harden men who never apologize for how they live their lives be able to hold on to their delicate Rose as the thorns cut deep?

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