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3frogsfunVinvatar (Vin-va-tar) yep that’s how we say it.  Setting up shop as a new company we are given the ability to see what everyone else has to offer and find ways to improve on it.  Many of us work from home offices so you will often see us working around the clock.  Vinvatar is part of a larger company called Those Computer Guys LLC.  TCG has been in business for 16 years and provides advanced technical business services.  This gives us a unique advantage as we have the resources to develop a nice author back end and will help streamline your book submissions.  Web hosting is done using secure servers in Chicago on the nations largest internet backbone network.  Can you tell we are a little technical?  We are constantly improving our website and as we get more content it will get well less boring.  Hope this helps you make a decision to publish with us.  We are here to stay and want to help you from start to paycheck.

-CEO, Business Owner, Publisher, .. Many hats are worn-
Justin Noack

-COO or Better known as the Person who does it all-
Susan R.

Samantha R.
Kim N.

-Graphics Artwork / Cover Artists-
Cassy F.
Jessie F.

-Sales / Audio Books / Media-
Devin F.

-CTO Website Security-
Chris K.

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